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Time Out

DSC00049Currently very excited to be featured in the March issue of Time Out Doha.

Read the article online!

I picked up a few copies to save for the scrapbook (that I can create in our paper room!). We are still within our first year of operation and it is so satisfying to hit little milestones like this, when other people get as excited about Inspiration Station as I do and I can see the seeds planted over the past year starting to blossom! We have dreamt big and have great ambitions for Inspiration Station.

Once again I would like to thank everyone who has got in behind our little oasis of creativity and helped it grow. May it continue to do so…



Technical difficulties = :( New classes = :)

Good Morning everyone!

Starting with bad news… We are having some technical issues with the display of our class details on our calendar and class lists pages. We are working on a remedy but it is taking some time. Hopefully we will have everything back online soon.

Then the good news! In the meantime be sure to go directly to our Eventbrite account for class details.


There are lots of new classes on the list for you to choose from. Here are a few of my favourites that I’m looking forward to:

Quilting –


Free-motion Quilting

Tuesday 21st January, 5:30pm-8:30pm

Cost: 150QR

Class size: 6 students max.

Description: Get away from the straight lines and venture into free-motion quilting territory. This introduction class to free-motion quilting will set you on your way to giving your quilts a whole other layer of design.

Skills: Troubleshoot issues for thread tension whilst quilting. Learn a variety of free-motion quilting designs.

Requirements: All tools and materials are provided. This is an intermediate project so some basic sewing machine experience is preferred.

Register here for free-motion quilting

braid copy 2Woven Braid Quilt Border

Thursday 23rd and 30th January, 9:00-12:00pm

Cost: 300QR (2 sessions)

Class size: 6 students max.

Description: Let your quilt border take the spotlight by creating a stunning woven braid. It looks amazing but actually pieces together with minimal fuss.

Skills: Learn strip-piecing techniques. Pick up tips and tricks for matching seams for perfect points.

Requirements: All tools and materials are provided. This is an intermediate project so some basic experience is preferred.

NOTE: This class is 2 sessions in length – Tuesday 23rd and 30th January, both 9:00am-12:00pm. Both sessions should be attended.

Register for Woven Braid Quilt Border here

Stack’n’Whack Quilts

Sunday 26th January, 9:00am-12:00pm or Tuesday 28th, 5:30-8:30pm

Cost: 150QR

Class size: 6 students max.

Description: Learn how to create stunning kaleidoscope quilts using the stack’n’whack technique. This technique works best on large print fabrics (most of the time the uglier the better!). You will start to look at you fabric choices in a whole new way…

Skills: Learn how to identify repeats in print fabrics. Learn how to piece accurate point from equilateral triangles.

Requirements: All tools and materials are provided. This is a more advanced project so some experience is preferred.

Register for Sunday Stack’n’Whack

Register for Tuesday Stack’n’Whack

Garment Sewing –

understanding patternUnderstanding a Commercial Pattern

Wednesday 22nd and 29th January, 9:00am-12:00pm or 5:30pm-8:30pm

Cost: 300QR (2 sessions)

Class size: 6 students max.

Description: This introduction class to understanding how to use commercial patterns will help you unlock the secrets of making your own clothing. Practice your new found skills on your child, grandchild, friends child or even your teddy bear by making these cute little pajamas. This pattern covers all the basics in an achievable project.

Skills: Understand how to use a commercial pattern from selecting size to cutting to assembling garments.

Requirements: All tools and materials are provided. This is a beginners project so no previous experience is required although basic understanding of using a sewing machine is recommended.

NOTE: This class is scheduled for 2 sessions in length – January 22nd and 29th, 9:00am-12:00pm or 5:30pm-8:30pm. Both sessions should be attended.

Register for day class here

Register for evening class here

Circle Skirt

Wednesday 5th and 12th February, 9:00am-12:00pm or 5:30pm-8:30pm

Cost: 300QR (2 sessions)

Class size: 6 students max.

Description: Every girl needs a go-to skirt in her wardrobe and now you can make your own. You can even make 10 if you like! Long or short; full, half or quarter; bright, pattern, plain – make it your way.

Skills: Learn how to calculate and draft a pattern for different sized circle skirts, sew in a zip, add pockets and finish a rolled hem.

Requirements: All tools and materials are provided except for the skirt fabric. You will need to bring around 5 yards/4.5 meters of medium weight woven fabric (avoid knit fabric). Regular cottons are great but feel free to add a bit of glamour with a satin or a more casual feel with light denim. Contact me for a more specific guide for fabric yardage.

NOTE: This class is 2 sessions in length – Wednesday 5th and 12th February, 9:00am-12:00pm or 5:30pm-8:30pm. Both sessions should be attended. This is an intermediate project so some basic sewing experience is preferred.

Register for day class here

Register for evening class here

I hope we see you soon!

Progress report

We hit the ground running here at Inspiration Station and SO MUCH has happened since our opening on September 7th! It is hard to believe what a short time ago that was. Time flies when you are having fun!!

A lot of work has gone into setting up the spaces here and things are starting to settle very nicely into place. Inspiration Station is definitely my home away from home and there are a few regulars to my classes that would say they feel the same.

More classes have been introduced to the schedule with a broader range of disciplines being used and higher skill  level classes building on our beginners sessions. People have been making fantastic work and I have been really impressed. There are a few classes that have been very popular – book binding and our box corner bags being a couple.



box corner bag


A lot of you have been asking for it and so we are excited to introduced Kidzone – to help breed a creative spirit in our younger generation. This session will run once a month with a new project/activity each time. The next session will be on December 7th, 10:00am-12:00pm. See ‘classes‘ for details soon.


Wednesday Stitch Club has been well attended and in the New Year we will be looking to start more social groups for scrappers, painters and more (in both daytime and evening).

Inspiration Station has formed an exciting collaboration with QatART, a handmade community for Qatar artists and crafters. (If you are someone trying to sell your own handmade products please get in touch for membership details)

Our first event was the Freaky Friday Bazaar that was very popular!

999381_539037689512241_28892323_n 1376360_539037496178927_619692613_n 1380608_539036056179071_747562039_n 1383715_539037132845630_715104031_n 1394077_539036079512402_230661208_n

We had 3 different activities during the bazaar – kids paper treat bags, felt finger puppet making and these crochet skulls.

Together we will be hosting more events like this in the future, hopefully once a month. Also, to help support our creative community, QatART members will be displaying their products at Inspiration Station so you don’t have to wait until market time to be able to see wonderful work.

Speaking of markets I was at Woofstock this weekend making sock puppies with a group of very eager kids. It was a lot of fun. I was able to make a 350qr donation from the proceeds of the sock puppy kits to help the real life puppies at QAWS, so thank you to everyone who got involved! I will continue to sell these sock puppy kits from Inspiration Station with the same 50% donation going to help animals in need.

I managed to take this snap of my stall before being swarmed by crafty kids!
This is the puppy we were making. Isn’t he cute!!

Other developments are the introduction of a membership package for using Inspiration Station facilities. Look at  ‘Membership‘ for more details.

As we come closer to Christmas time be sure to consider our gift certificates as a present idea. I will be selling gift certificates for 150qr, redeemable for any lessons of an equal value here at Inspiration Station.


Just a reminder that we are always on the lookout for people interested in teaching classes at Inspiration Station. Just contact me for more details – inspiration-station@live.com

As you can see a LOT has been happening. I want to thank a great many people for their support during this time. It is so exciting to see so many people getting excited about what Inspiration Station is trying to do.

We are doing it for you!

Week 2…15/9/13-21/9/13

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and got a chance to relax and get crafty. It is sometimes hard to find time to yourself during the week and it is so important to just take-5 and catch up on some R&R in your hopefully quiet weekends.

Classes continued in our second week with free motion quilting and amigurumi being my personal favorites.

amigurumi fmquilting

Keep an eye on our schedule as I add more classes in the coming weeks. Especially since the task of preparing our Paper Room is now complete! We had a huge collection of paper crafting tools and materials to tidy into our shelf storage. It took a while, mostly because I spent a lot of time stopping and going “Oooo…pretty!!”. The following is merely the tip of the iceberg. Have a look…

paper room copy

Quilling, making albums, playing with the Cricut machine and Big-Shot, stamping, embossing, making cards, book binding and much, much more to happen in this space. What is your dream paper project?


UPDATE – 23/9/13: I have been taking a lot of excited messages asking me about our scrapbook shop. I understand the excitement but need to clarify that although we provide everything you need to complete a paper craft project as part of the classes we offer we are not currently selling tools or materials individually. Stay tuned for more updates as we work towards finding or sourcing scrappy stuff here in Qatar.


Apart from this I have to say that the highlight of our second week was featuring in the Qatar tribune! (Read the article here)

That’s me!

Week 1

A lot of hard work and planning has paid off in what has been a great first week here at Inspiration Station. It all started on Saturday 7th September with our open day craft market. It was so exciting to see such creative talent all under one roof. We had vendors selling their handmade items, from crochet toys, kids clothes, paintings, jewelry, bookmarks, photography, furniture and so much more. A huge thank you to everyone who got involved. It was lovely to meet all the vendors and see connections being made between such talented individuals. And thank you to everyone who came along and supported us. I hope you all enjoyed the market and all of your purchases!

DSCN3874 DSCN3875 DSCN3877 DSCN3878 DSCN3879 DSCN3881 DSCN3882 DSCN3883 DSCN3884 DSCN3885 DSCN3887 DSCN3889 DSCN3891 DSCN3892

The market was such a success that we will definitely be looking at hosting more events like this in the future. If you are someone who would like to sell at a market like this please email us your details and we will add you to our mailing list for this in the future.

Classes began on the Sunday and throughout this week some wonderful work has been produced. I hope all of our first students have had a good time!

crochet drawing quilt101 sewintro silk-painting

Remember to keep an eye on our class schedule for upcoming classes. Also, if you have something you particularly want to learn or make then let us know. We are happy to look at scheduling a session with your request in mind.

So all in all we have been settling into the new space and things are looking really good.

cozy sewing wet

Our paper room is still under construction. There is a huge (and very exciting) collection of stamps and punches and papers and stickers and gadgets and stencils and…and…so many lovely things to tidy into shelves ready for you to play with! So look out for the unveiling of this room soon!

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend. Bring on week 2!!

Pattern process

Good morning!

The painters are in and giving our walls a new lick of paint. I can’t wait to show you how things are looking here at Inspiration Station. There has been a lot of behind the scenes action and now things are really beginning to kick off. It is very exciting to see months of talking turn into action.

Today I just wanted to share something I have been working on for our cozy room. Ah! The cozy room!! This room will be for chilling out and relaxing, talking over your projects and sharing ideas. We have big comfy couches to recline on in a yummy chocolate colour and the walls are currently being painted tones of pale turquoise. It all reminds me of chocolate chip ice-cream.

For this room I wanted to create a feature wall with a beautiful paint decoration technique I have seen. Using the same or similar tone of colour you paint designs in a contrasting texture, in our case gloss against matt paint. It creates a subtle but very effective design. Examples I have seen use everything from ornate fleur de lis to funky geometric shapes. I was wanting to use something that reflected our Inspiration Station brand.


So, here is what I have come up with:

waldecal copy

How did I create this design? Using our logo as a starting point I simply played around with reflecting and rotating the initials of ‘Inspiration Station’. I have used Adobe Illustrator but any software will do. Even the humble pencil and a piece of tracing paper will do the trick.

walldecaldev copy

Next step is to create a stencil out of card so I can trace the design onto the wall. Then I will paint it all using a slightly darker toned gloss. I will share pictures as soon as it is done!


jotun2Hello all! I am happy to report that plenty of planning and progress is being made here at Inspiration Station. Lots of important decisions are being made, for example – colour schemes. Soon we will be heading to our local Jotuns to start choosing colors for our wonderful walls. The space we will soon occupy, 4 main rooms, needs a revamp. Time to paint!

Useful advice for choosing wall colors

Colouring walls is an exciting but sometimes daunting task. Where do you start?! Here are some tips and advice when considering colours for wall decoration.

  1. Inspiration – Start looking for ideas! Colour inspiration can come from so many sources – looking at objects that are special to you, artworks that catch your eye, outfits that you think look fab, furniture you love and more. Flick through magazines and books and try to identify what you like about certain color schemes. Is it the mood the colours invoke? Is it the space the colours create? You can even try colour scheme generators like this one.
  2. Lighting – Colours can change dramatically depending on the effects of light, either natural light at different times of the day or the bulb type and wattage you have in the room. Light and shadow can alter the shades and tones of a colour giving it a very different look. Before committing to a decision test your colour choice by observing it under different light conditions.
  3. Flooring – Do you have hard floors or carpeting? Your floor treatment can influence your wall colours too, and not just because of their hue. Where carpets absorb light and colour, creating a cozy atmosphere, hard floors tend to reflect even if the flooring is dark.
  4. Room structure – Look at the size of the room, the height of your ceilings, the size of your windows and the details of wood trims and architrave. All of these elements will influence your colour choices – bigger windows allow you to consider darker tones, higher ceilings suggest lighter colours etc.
  5. Paint Quality – Remember, you get what you pay for and better quality paints will give you better quality pigment.
  6. Flawless – Use colour to hide flaws or awkward spaces in a room. Do this by limiting your range of colours to a minimum – work within shades of the same colour.
  7. Size matters – Generally the smaller the space the lighter your colour choice should be. This is especially true in bathrooms.
  8. Room by room – Keep living areas lighter in tones for a more relaxed and comfortable space. Let your personality show in the bedroom. Realise that wall colour choice in the kitchen is generally dominated by other colours such as the whiteware and benchtops. Use the guest room as an experimental zone to test out ideas without major consequence. Have fun with kids rooms by painting chalkboard walls, murals, using vinyl stickers and painting the ceiling! Have even more fun in the hallway, a space you spend little time!
  9. Moody – Dark colours create intimacy, cool colors create calm, yellows and cremes help to create warmth and comfort. Colour creates mood so get in tune with what you want a room to feel like.
  10. Be bold – Don’t be afraid of using bolder colours (but if you are feeling timid perhaps limit them to a feature wall).

Source inspiration: iVillage – ‘How to choose foolproof wall paint colours


One of the great things about going to the paint shop is getting your mitts on all the pretty paint chips. Have a look at a few of these ideas for what can be done with these little swatches of colour!

Click image to link to source – Ombre card decorations
Click image to link to source – Garlands galore
Click image to link to source – Forget the paint!