Guided Tour

In an effort to provide you with all the information you need to make wonderful things we have created a guided tour of Doha and all the art and craft suppliers we think are great.


View our map for location details of a range of art and craft shops and services

click this link to see map!

Check out the following reviews from our blog post:

Fabric shopping in Doha – Part 1

Al Mushiri Co. – Bernina Dealership

Art Elements

All the trimmings at Taliban Tailoring Materials

The Singer Shop

We will even have video tours coming soon to our Youtube channel!


Do you know of somewhere not included in our guided tour?

Make a suggestion in the comments below for our next location scout – sharing is caring!


5 thoughts on “Guided Tour

  1. I’m really interested in your website and would love to join in activities you are offering. Can you please keep me informed of up and coming events. I’m new to Doha and not sure where you are based would love to pop in. Many thanks Dee

  2. Hi good day… I am here in Philippines. And my Brother in law is in Qatar. I am asking if what store or department section he can buy a Fiskars rotary cutter, self healing mat and acrylic ruler for my quilting begginers hobby… Hoping to reply soon… Best regards..

  3. Please let me know their opening rimes, have their shop on 01.05.2016 go it was closed. I have no opening times found, Thank you very mich. Sabine Kwasny

  4. You were my teacher few years back..and I use to love art classes! You were so passionate about teaching and I wish you never left. Also, you were a real pleasure to look at when you taught. Great body with an amazing rack and I’d do anything for one feel of those perfect tits!

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