Well, it has been a long and busy summer and you have probably been wondering what has been happening over here in ‘Inspiration Station World’. Let me get you up to date…

We would like to start off by saying “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US!!”

Yes, it is our birthday tomorrow. 1 year ago we opened our doors, hosting an exciting craft market and welcoming everyone, from beginners to experts, to join classes in all things crafty. We thank everyone who was there that special day and those that have come by every day since. It has been a great adventure and many friends have been made!

Unfortunately, today we must announce that those doors are officially going to be closed. Due circumstances out of our control our location is no longer available for use. Despite efforts over the summer to find a suitable alternative we are yet to secure a new space for hosting classes and events.

But all is not lost!! (This is called a good-news sandwich). Inspiration Station is not going to just disappear! Our goals have not changed and our drive is not diminished. Inspiration Station set out to share information, inspire creativity and help people learn new skills. So, with a slight shift in direction we will still hope to reach the same aims.

We have a thriving online community and we hope you will stay with us. A new website is on its way with lots of features to help us continue to reach our goal – to inspire!

More details coming soon…

Much love and inspiration from,


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