Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Today – a crochet pattern, just for you. Enjoy!

ninja scarf 1
I made this scarf for my child-of-the-80’s husband! Turtle power!!

ninja scarf

I have Louise to credit for this idea. I developed this TMNT pattern from the Skull Scarf kits I put together for our halloween bazaar. Lou poked fun at one attempt saying it looked more like a ninja turtle than a skull. “Oooo!” I thought, “Good idea!!”.

The original skull pattern I was inspired by came from Yella. With a bit of tweaking and experimentation I think I have come up with something fun, easy and “totally gnarly, dude!”. I really encourage people to try adapting and customising crochet patterns as you learn so much from the experience. It is not as difficult as you might think! As you begin to understand the different crochet stitches and try different designs challenge yourself (and your confidence) with some improv crochet.

So, without further ado…the pattern! (First pattern I’ve even written so if there are any suggestions on how to make it better then let me know!!)

crochetTMNT copy


Step 1: Eyes (RED for Raphael, ORANGE for Michelangelo, BLUE for Leonardo and PURPLE for Donatello)

ch12 and slip st into first ch to make a foundation ring.

ch12 again and slip st into first ch of this round to make a second foundation ring (like a figure 8).

sc6 into first ring, ch5 and slip st back 4, sc1 into the ring, ch5 and slip back 4,  sc7 into the ring.

sc14 into second ring and slip st to finish.

Step 2: Forehead (GREEN)

Finding the first stitch is hard to describe…I hope this makes sense.

sc in 6th st from the last slip st in ‘the centre’.

Work along the row – sc2, hdc2, dc2, hdc2, sc3 to make 12st in this row. Turn work.

*sc in 1st st from hook. sc1 into each st except the last one. Turn work.*

repeat to make 5 rows with the final row being 8st. Slip st to finish.

Step 3: Mouth (GREEN)

Row 1 – sc in 6th st from ‘the centre’. sc1 in each st to make 12st. Turn work.

Row 2 – sc in 1st st from hook. Work along the row – sc2, hdc2, dc2, hdc2, sc3. (12st total)

Row 3 – ch6. sc into 5th st in row2. sc3 more into the row. ch6. Slip st into last st of row 2. Turn work

Row 4 – sc10 into the ring that has been made by row 3. sc4 into 4st of row 3 shown in bold. sc10 into the next ring. Slip st into first st of row 2 to finish.

Step 4: Joining

To join the heads together to make a scarf simply create 5 rows (or more if you like) of 8st from the top of the head then either join using slip st to the chin of the next turtle head or whip stitch using needle and matching yarn. I used a light brown much like the turtles chest color.

Other ideas for joining:

Making coloured stripes based on their mask colours.

Grey circles like manhole covers

Pizza slices

crochetchart copy
Here is a stitch chart for your reference

Please share your work if you give this pattern a go. I would love to see what people come up with!

ATTENTION: This free pattern is shared for personal use only. Please do not publish or sell for commercial purposes without permission. Respect and credit where it is due!


61 thoughts on “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

  1. Dear Mel,
    I was just wondering if u have a sewing class for beginners, I mean to teach how to use the machine ( the basics).

    Look forward to your reply,

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Are we able to sell our finished product? You mention not to sell the pattern, but aren’t clear on whether we can sell the finished product? Thank you!

    1. Hi Rebekah,

      Of course you can sell your finished product. It is always a common courtesy to credit the pattern author when you package your product but I have no problems with you selling ninja turtle scarves to the masses. Spread the joy!



      1. Thank you, Mel. I will definitely give credit where credit is due, you have made a fun pattern for all ages.

  3. I just wanted to thank you for this wonderful pattern and I’ll be sharing a picture soon with your link attached on my Facebook -Ashley

    1. Hi Tanya,

      I don’t have my hands on this scarf any more to give you exact dimensions but I used a standard acrylic 8ply/DK in the photo example. This made an approximately 2 1/2″-3″ high head – whole length about 45″ (with 12 heads and a joining strip of tan coloured yarn). Of course you can use lighter or heavier yarn and make as many turtles as you like.

      Hope you have fun making your own one 😀


    1. I don’t have knitting skills good enough to attempt that just yet. Knotting is next on my ‘To Pick Up And Learn’ list. Is there any nifty knitters out there who would like to give it a go?

  4. What a wonderful scarf and pattern!!! You are so sweet to share it, thanks so much. My grandsons love the ninja turtles of course so they will go berserk over this scarf lol. I will give it my best shot to make it, hopefully I can do it. Again, you are mighty talented and utmost nice to share your work so others can enjoy it! Hope you have a terrific week!!! 🙂

  5. O my gosh! I love this! I am thinking of trying this for my grandson for Christmas…maybe….it looks kinda hard, but by golly, I may just give it a go. What’s the worst that can happen? I may not get a cool ninja turtle scarf in the end, but I would have yarn to add to my stash…can’t lose, right?

    1. I’ve made one of the ‘heads’ yesterday and it’s not difficult. It also helped to have the pattern handy. Need to make two for friends. Now, off to get the yarn!

  6. Hi Mel! This is an AWESOME pattern! I just had a few questions for clarification. Is the pattern in American terms? Also, you mentioned 8 ply/DK weight yarn (worsted weight yarn in the US is 4 ply I believe); so is this a chunky yarn or a thin sock type yarn? Last question, the 3.5 mm hook; do you know what size that is in US terms? Thank you in advance for your reply!

    1. Here is a Hook Conversion chart.
      Crochet Hook Conversion Chart
      Metric USA UK
      2.00 mm – 14
      2.25 mm 1 / B 13
      2.50 mm – 12
      2.75 mm C 11
      3.00 mm – 11
      3.25 mm D 10
      3.50 mm 4 / E 9
      3.75 mm F –
      4.00 mm 6 8
      4.25 mm G –
      4.50 mm 7 7
      5.00 mm 8 / H 6
      5.50 mm 9 / I 5
      6.00 mm 10 / J 4
      6.50 mm 10 1/2 / K 3
      7.00 mm – 2
      8.00 mm – 0
      9.00 mm 15 / N 00
      10.00 mm P 000
      15.75 mm or 16mm Q –
      Steel Hook Chart (thread hooks)
      Metric USA UK
      .6 mm 14 6
      .75 mm 13 –
      .70 mm 12 5
      .8 mm 11 –
      1 mm 10 4
      1.15 mm 9 –
      1.25 mm 8 3
      1.50 mm 7 2.5
      1.6 mm 6 –
      1.7 mm 5 –
      1.75 mm 4 2
      1.85 mm 3 –
      1.95 mm 2 –
      2 mm 1 1
      2.25 mm 0 00
      3 mm 00 –

  7. I am a beginner and by “beginner” I mean this is my first project though I have been practicing stitches and reading patterns for about 2 weeks. This was super easy to follow. I have one turtle head done and slowly working on the others. My son is going to love this! Thank you for this

  8. I just absolutely loved this scarf,
    I don’t Know how to read patterns but this was fairly easy , I’m a long time crocheter and this one was just plain fun. Thank.

  9. THIS IS AWESOME! I’m having trouble joining the heads together. I am fairly new to crocheting, so this is part is my challenge. Do you do sc 5 rows on one head and then join to the next with st? Thanks for your reply!

  10. This is so cute!!!! I just got done making the turtles. I am making for my youngest son who is obsessed with ninja turtles! !! This is an amazing pattern. You did a wonderful job! Thank you so much for sharing it!!

  11. I this scarf for my 29 year old daughter and she loves it.now I’m looking for skull pattern that started it all.

  12. Hi,
    I am making this for my son who loves the turtles! I am having a little trouble putting the forehead on the mask though. It said to do a single crochet into the 6th stitch of the mask. I found the 6th stitch, but how do you do a single crochet into it while changing color and with just one loop of that color? I am fairly new at this and the only time I do a color change I always have two loops of the previous color and then I pull the new color through and then start with the new color. Please help! Thank you.

  13. A co worker gave me this pattern and asked me to do it for her kids. When I’m done I will try to post a picture for you. It looks fairly simple.

  14. I am So grateful for this pattern! It’s hard to find something for boys and I have made purses for my grandaughters. My Grandson will love this! Your instructions forced me to use the pattern guide which I had not done before. Thanks for that and encouraging me to try making a pattern of my own!

  15. This pattern is awesome, and easy to understand. I have only been crocheting (properly & reading patterns) for the past few weeks, so very basic & easy, thanks

  16. tried to print your pattern as I do not crochet by my computer. 17 pages of wasted paper/ Poor tree that was killed.All the comments and pictures that print are not helpful at all. I would pay to get this pattern I spent as much on paper and ink as if I had bought it.

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