Progress report

We hit the ground running here at Inspiration Station and SO MUCH has happened since our opening on September 7th! It is hard to believe what a short time ago that was. Time flies when you are having fun!!

A lot of work has gone into setting up the spaces here and things are starting to settle very nicely into place. Inspiration Station is definitely my home away from home and there are a few regulars to my classes that would say they feel the same.

More classes have been introduced to the schedule with a broader range of disciplines being used and higher skill  level classes building on our beginners sessions. People have been making fantastic work and I have been really impressed. There are a few classes that have been very popular – book binding and our box corner bags being a couple.



box corner bag


A lot of you have been asking for it and so we are excited to introduced Kidzone – to help breed a creative spirit in our younger generation. This session will run once a month with a new project/activity each time. The next session will be on December 7th, 10:00am-12:00pm. See ‘classes‘ for details soon.


Wednesday Stitch Club has been well attended and in the New Year we will be looking to start more social groups for scrappers, painters and more (in both daytime and evening).

Inspiration Station has formed an exciting collaboration with QatART, a handmade community for Qatar artists and crafters. (If you are someone trying to sell your own handmade products please get in touch for membership details)

Our first event was the Freaky Friday Bazaar that was very popular!

999381_539037689512241_28892323_n 1376360_539037496178927_619692613_n 1380608_539036056179071_747562039_n 1383715_539037132845630_715104031_n 1394077_539036079512402_230661208_n

We had 3 different activities during the bazaar – kids paper treat bags, felt finger puppet making and these crochet skulls.

Together we will be hosting more events like this in the future, hopefully once a month. Also, to help support our creative community, QatART members will be displaying their products at Inspiration Station so you don’t have to wait until market time to be able to see wonderful work.

Speaking of markets I was at Woofstock this weekend making sock puppies with a group of very eager kids. It was a lot of fun. I was able to make a 350qr donation from the proceeds of the sock puppy kits to help the real life puppies at QAWS, so thank you to everyone who got involved! I will continue to sell these sock puppy kits from Inspiration Station with the same 50% donation going to help animals in need.

I managed to take this snap of my stall before being swarmed by crafty kids!
This is the puppy we were making. Isn’t he cute!!

Other developments are the introduction of a membership package for using Inspiration Station facilities. Look at  ‘Membership‘ for more details.

As we come closer to Christmas time be sure to consider our gift certificates as a present idea. I will be selling gift certificates for 150qr, redeemable for any lessons of an equal value here at Inspiration Station.


Just a reminder that we are always on the lookout for people interested in teaching classes at Inspiration Station. Just contact me for more details –

As you can see a LOT has been happening. I want to thank a great many people for their support during this time. It is so exciting to see so many people getting excited about what Inspiration Station is trying to do.

We are doing it for you!

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