All the trimmings at Taliban Tailoring Materials

If you are on the hunt for zips, buttons, ribbons, trimmings, thread, beads, embroidered embellishments, chord and more then Taliban Store is for you. It is a hidden gem but is relatively easy to find (see map below – marked with a T). They are close to the roundabout on the corner of Hiteen Street and Rawadat Al Khail Street. Look out for their blue shop sign.

taliban shop copy


Parking is reasonable in the mornings but even at busy times there is a regular coming and going of people, so if you hang around long enough you can usually slot into someones space as they leave. I have always found parking space in the street opposite the shop.

The shop isn’t large but their stock is bountiful. In other words it is bursting at the seams so be prepared to dig!

Don’t forget to look up. Every surface of this shop is covered in stock!
The thread wing – what you see in this picture is only the tip of the thread-berg! Regular machine thread and embroidery thread in an array of colors.


12 thoughts on “All the trimmings at Taliban Tailoring Materials

    1. You have many, many, MANY to choose from! If I had to choose a good starting point I would visit what is commonly known as the Marble Souq (Souq Al Dira) right next door to the Souq Al Aseiry that I have written about before – There are a lot of beautiful brocade fabrics here but note that these are sometimes a bit pricey. Hope you find the perfect fabric! Let me know if you want a really good tailor 🙂

      1. My go-to tailor (and everyone has their favorites!) is the delightful Mr Chandran. I completely forget the name of the shop but it has ‘Textiles’ in the name! It is on the corner of Al Mirqab Al Jadded Street and Qassim Bin Mohammed, a white and blue sign. See map here –

        If I remember or find the name I will let you know. But they are the only tailor on that corner so you should find it easily!

  1. Hi
    I got brocade from souq daira, thanks a lot, I need one more help, I want to find embroidered lace fabrics too, saw it in the souqs for 100-150qr per metre. Is there any other shops I can look at, for a reasonable rate? Thanks a lot

  2. I have been to this shop many times. And my sis use to shop regularly from there until recently… She had brought some items and couldn’t use it Bcoz she didn’t had time. So she decided to return it. When she returned it without doing anything to the item. They paid her only half price for keeping the items for few days with her…!!
    Anything can be bargain to almost half price of what they originally prices it.

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