Week 2…15/9/13-21/9/13

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and got a chance to relax and get crafty. It is sometimes hard to find time to yourself during the week and it is so important to just take-5 and catch up on some R&R in your hopefully quiet weekends.

Classes continued in our second week with free motion quilting and amigurumi being my personal favorites.

amigurumi fmquilting

Keep an eye on our schedule as I add more classes in the coming weeks. Especially since the task of preparing our Paper Room is now complete! We had a huge collection of paper crafting tools and materials to tidy into our shelf storage. It took a while, mostly because I spent a lot of time stopping and going “Oooo…pretty!!”. The following is merely the tip of the iceberg. Have a look…

paper room copy

Quilling, making albums, playing with the Cricut machine and Big-Shot, stamping, embossing, making cards, book binding and much, much more to happen in this space. What is your dream paper project?


UPDATE – 23/9/13: I have been taking a lot of excited messages asking me about our scrapbook shop. I understand the excitement but need to clarify that although we provide everything you need to complete a paper craft project as part of the classes we offer we are not currently selling tools or materials individually. Stay tuned for more updates as we work towards finding or sourcing scrappy stuff here in Qatar.


Apart from this I have to say that the highlight of our second week was featuring in the Qatar tribune! (Read the article here)

That’s me!

2 thoughts on “Week 2…15/9/13-21/9/13

    1. Oops! Let me clarify that we are not a shop. Sorry Ana, but at the moment we just do classes. All supplies and tools are provided for a project but we will not be selling individual items. I hope that makes sense.

      You are right though – Qatar really needs a scrapbook shop!

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