jotun2Hello all! I am happy to report that plenty of planning and progress is being made here at Inspiration Station. Lots of important decisions are being made, for example – colour schemes. Soon we will be heading to our local Jotuns to start choosing colors for our wonderful walls. The space we will soon occupy, 4 main rooms, needs a revamp. Time to paint!

Useful advice for choosing wall colors

Colouring walls is an exciting but sometimes daunting task. Where do you start?! Here are some tips and advice when considering colours for wall decoration.

  1. Inspiration – Start looking for ideas! Colour inspiration can come from so many sources – looking at objects that are special to you, artworks that catch your eye, outfits that you think look fab, furniture you love and more. Flick through magazines and books and try to identify what you like about certain color schemes. Is it the mood the colours invoke? Is it the space the colours create? You can even try colour scheme generators like this one.
  2. Lighting – Colours can change dramatically depending on the effects of light, either natural light at different times of the day or the bulb type and wattage you have in the room. Light and shadow can alter the shades and tones of a colour giving it a very different look. Before committing to a decision test your colour choice by observing it under different light conditions.
  3. Flooring – Do you have hard floors or carpeting? Your floor treatment can influence your wall colours too, and not just because of their hue. Where carpets absorb light and colour, creating a cozy atmosphere, hard floors tend to reflect even if the flooring is dark.
  4. Room structure – Look at the size of the room, the height of your ceilings, the size of your windows and the details of wood trims and architrave. All of these elements will influence your colour choices – bigger windows allow you to consider darker tones, higher ceilings suggest lighter colours etc.
  5. Paint Quality – Remember, you get what you pay for and better quality paints will give you better quality pigment.
  6. Flawless – Use colour to hide flaws or awkward spaces in a room. Do this by limiting your range of colours to a minimum – work within shades of the same colour.
  7. Size matters – Generally the smaller the space the lighter your colour choice should be. This is especially true in bathrooms.
  8. Room by room – Keep living areas lighter in tones for a more relaxed and comfortable space. Let your personality show in the bedroom. Realise that wall colour choice in the kitchen is generally dominated by other colours such as the whiteware and benchtops. Use the guest room as an experimental zone to test out ideas without major consequence. Have fun with kids rooms by painting chalkboard walls, murals, using vinyl stickers and painting the ceiling! Have even more fun in the hallway, a space you spend little time!
  9. Moody – Dark colours create intimacy, cool colors create calm, yellows and cremes help to create warmth and comfort. Colour creates mood so get in tune with what you want a room to feel like.
  10. Be bold – Don’t be afraid of using bolder colours (but if you are feeling timid perhaps limit them to a feature wall).

Source inspiration: iVillage – ‘How to choose foolproof wall paint colours


One of the great things about going to the paint shop is getting your mitts on all the pretty paint chips. Have a look at a few of these ideas for what can be done with these little swatches of colour!

Click image to link to source – Ombre card decorations
Click image to link to source – Garlands galore
Click image to link to source – Forget the paint!

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